Lymphoma Treatments—What are your options?

Like the saying “different strokes for different folks”, lymphoma treatments also apply this. There are several approaches to beat, stop, and get rid of lymphoma. Doctors lay down all the options to the patients and there are others who prefer alternative forms of medicine. Bottom line is to defeat the cancer that is growing inside the body.

The conventional approach of treating lymphoma is through chemotherapy. Oncologist may prescribe medications like cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisone that must be supplemented with rituximab, monocional antibodies. For three months of the early stages of cancer, chemotherapy and radiotherapy may be combined. However, if already at the later stage, chemotherapy should be administered within a six-month period.

Radiotherapy is another form of lymphoma treatment. This is a radiation treatment where a high-energy x-ray is used to break into fragments the contaminated cancer cells and reduce the size of the tumors without affecting the healthy cells. The purpose of radiotherapy is to incapacitate the diseases cells to spread or multiply. These cells are naturally flushed from the body after their destruction.

There is also another lymphoma treatment that is combined with both chemotherapy and radiation therapy. A donor will give stem cells from his or her blood or bone marrow to be used for the stem cells transplants. Stems cells can also be extracted prior to the patients chemotherapy and it will be stored until the transplant. To remove the lymphoma cells to the body a natural killer cells will attach to it during the transplant, which is antibody dependent.

Alternative medicines are also available for lymphoma treatment. There is the homeopathic treatment; it is a concept in which it is believed that what will create the symptoms of lymphoma in a healthy person will negate those symptoms in an ill person.

Natural treatment for lymphoma on the other hand is similar to that of the holistic approach. It equally highlight the importance of proper diet with foods high in anti-oxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, and healthy oils. The patient should avoid, preservatives, food additives, and stimulants.

A patient must always detoxify the body by going through natural lymphoma treatments like saunas, drinking juice cleanse, colonic massage therapy, and even acupuncture.

When combined, these treatments are really effective in the smooth progress of healing. But no matter what type of treatment is administered, the cancer must be treated at all cost.