Ways to prevent knee pain running

Yearly, a great number of fitness lovers worldwide join marathons or running contests. Typically,people who participated in such events have been running quite some time. The main objective of these people is to have a healthy body and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Running has a lot of merits including boosting oxygen supply in the body and creating more endorphins that makes you feel better. Actually, many athletes have experienced a runners high which is actually an endorphin rush in our brain. Having said that, the sport has disadvantages too such as knee pain running mostly when practice is intensive. Reducing knee pain running is one of the most sought out remedies that runners need. Generally, knee pain running starts when the cartilage under the kneecap has begun wearing away due to years of use. As a consequence, there is pain and inflammation which can really be debilitating. Normally, knee pain running is felt after years of jogging or running. The situation can further be complicated by extra pounds that adds heavy burden on the knees .

Some causes of knee pain running include too much pronation, weakness of the quadriceps, running on elevated surfaces, incorrect footwear and overtraining. Too much pronation occurs when the feet rotates too far inward thus causing the kneecap to twist sideways. In such instances, the quadriceps or group of muscles above the knees must be enhanced through resistance training. Running uphill or worse, downhill is not advisable for the knees causing knee pain running. A runner must also discard his worn out shoes since this does provide protection and support to the feet anymore. Choice of wrongs shoes that can be too flat or too arched can also be an issue. It is important to consider the shape and arch of your feet when selecting running shoes.

When knee pain running becomes chronic, the doctor suggests rests from running. Also, medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed which can be bought over-the-counter. In some cases, elevating one’s feet is also beneficial as well as having a massage to treat the muscles. Doing some exercises like squats can develop the quadriceps and lessen knee pain running. Truly, knee pain running can be avoided as long as you exercise in moderation.