Basic tips to reduce chronic knee pain

A large segment of elderly population around the world suffer from chronic knee pain which can really be debilitating. Imagine doing your daily activities at a slower pace since chronic knee pain makes you squirm in pain. Whereas running, climbing stairs or running were just part of a person’s routine, with chronic knee pain it can become a very daunting task. For the elderly, chronic knee pain can be caused by arthritis which can be very painful and indicated by redness and swelling in the knees. Chronic knee pain can also be caused by degenarative arthritis since the bones end up rubbing against each other. There are numerous probable sources of chronic knee pain that only a doctor can diagnose clearly. Nonetheless, affected people are searching for chronic knee pain remedies so they can live productively. Mayo Clinic, a non-profit medical organization suggests some measures that can possibly reduce chronic knee pain. The main purpose however is to lessen the pain and swelling so the afflicted person can at least perform daily routines such as walking. The following advice are useful but not intended as substitute for medical advice.

1. Medication- Chronic knee pain originates from pain and inflammation. Majority of doctors prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) which can be bought without a prescription. There are some orthopaedic specialists who recommend a COX-2 inhibitor which is more potent yet less irritating to the stomach. These medicines are expensive and taken only for a short time. Visiting a doctor first is always better than self-medication when it comes to chronic knee pain.

2. Physical Therapy- A lot of people with chronic knee pain derive benefits from physical therapy. Aside from treating the affected area, several activities would be undertaken by the patient to build stronger leg muscles. Some weight resistance exercises for quadriceps can help build stronger muscles thereby reducing the load on the knees. If a person has a sports activity which can worsen chronic knee pain, then the doctor may advise him to shift into a more suitable sports activity.Although many people find exercise hard to do especially when in pain, this method would be the key to healing.

Overcoming chronic knee pain is not that difficult especially when the patient follows doctor’s advice. Shedding some pounds is also recommended so that knees won’t bear the load of your weight all the time.