The Connection Between Diarrhea and Pregnancy

During certain stages of pregnancy, it is normal for constipation to occur. An important tidbit that people take for granted is that pregnancy and diarrhea are somewhat related. Many pregnant women suffer from diarrhea during pregnancy and can pose serious treat if not treated correctly. It is important to pay attention to this symptom even if it is not as prevalent as the other ailments that accompany pregnancy such as morning sickness, heartburn and constipation.

You may inquire what are the common causes of diarrhea during pregnancy. Lactose Intolerance is one of the most common culprits of diarrhea in pregnancy. This is because pregnant women are required to drink more milk than they used to. Diarrhea may also occur in pregnant mothers due to their hormonal changes and sensitivities to certain foods. If women have prior gastrointestinal problems before, then they are prone to chronic diarrhea during pregnancy. Diarrhea and pregnancy is normal and it may have a duration period of 2-3 days so there is no need to worry.

Understanding diarrhea and pregnancy: Being informed and being on the lookout is the first step in avoiding diarrhea during pregnancy. It is essential to know something about this subject in case the doctor is out of reach. It is also helpful if you understood that diarrhea and pregnancy does not have to “always” go together because this will help you watch your diet carefully. You should consume foods and drinks that have high fiber content. Yogurt should be taken because it contains pro-biotics that have active elements that would make your digestive system work properly. Stress also contributes to diarrhea in pregnant women. Stress can cause diarrhea to pregnant women, so try to keep your stress level low by relaxing and taking some time out from work. The stress levels can be reduced by proper diet, exercise, enough sleep and intake of a lot of fluids. But be cautious when exercising because strenuous activities can lead to dehydration.

The doctor should be called immediately once diarrhea in pregnancy occurs. Medical intervention is needed if the person is dehydrated.