How to Stop Diarrhea: Before it Stops You

The second most common ailment that affects the body is diarrhea. It is inevitable that we would be affected by this medical attention whether we try to prevent it or not. Some will typically go away on its own while others may indicate a more serious problem. If there is a frequent discharge of stools, for instance more than three times a day, the likelihood of diarrhea is imminent. The stool colors may vary and it may even be accompanied by blood and undigested specks of food. Luckily, there are a few things you can do and learn how to stop diarrhea.

If you know the key on how to stop diarrhea, it is by avoiding dehydration. There would be lesser risks on the digestive system if you drink a lot of fluids. Dehydration would cause the person to lose vital fluids and electrolytes like sodium and potassium. By just drinking mere water would not suffice; you need to replace the lost minerals by drinking broth or soup. In addition to that, drink fruit juices and eat soft fruits or vegetables for potassium.

If you want to know how to stop diarrhea, you can try the BRAT diet. BRAT is an acronym for food such as bananas, rice, apples or applesauce and toast. Now, this diet is typically recommended for kids but adults can also follow this diet because adding these foods may contribute to decreasing the episodes of diarrhea.

One practical tip on how to stop diarrhea is taking pro-biotic yogurt. These yogurts may contain active culture and enzymes that would neutralize the symptoms of specific types of diarrhea, and as a result, it shortens the duration of the condition.

There are some who believe that you should stay away from diarrhea medications. If your doctor did not prescribe you to take them, you better refrain from diarrhea medications. The body can heal itself by getting rid of the bad bugs by producing loose stools. There are cases when medications can be a factor in prolonging diarrhea because it traps the parasites, bacteria, or viruses inside your stomach.

Children and babies should not follow the previous how to stop diarrhea tips. For children, you should call the doctor immediately once they show signs of diarrhea.