Mild and natural constipation remedies for your tummy

Every now and then, some people experience constipation which is uncomfortable. Commonly, symptoms like bloating, stomach cramps and difficulty in passing stools are experienced by people with constipation. Some common causes of constipation are stress, inadequate fiber in diet or inactive lifestyle. Since constipation can be inconvenient, there is always a need for constipation remedies because people need to feel better. While it is comforting to know that there are several over the counter (OTC) constipation remedies; yet, using them for a long period is not advisable.For those who need gentle and safe constipation remedies , check the following helpful suggestions:

*Beverley-Travis Natural Laxative Mixture. This natural laxative recipe is a result of a pilot study that was conducted by researchers in an elderly home .As a matter of fact, the research was published in a peer-reviewed journal titled Geriatric Nursing. The recipe is composed of several fruits which contains fiber that can assist the digestive process and aid constipation.

Ingredients: One cup ( currants, raisins, pitted prunes, prune concentrate, figs, dates ) Method:

Mix all the fruits together in a blender until it has achieved a thickened consistency. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator. Have two tablespoons twice a day. Dosage can be increased gradually if needed.

*Psyllium Fiber- Psyllium Fiber is one of the most organic constipation remedies. This is actually the husk of psyllium seeds, an indigestible fiber that can effectively retain water. It also adds bulk to the stool thereby relieving constipation discomfort. Nonetheless, psyllium should only be taken for a short period of time. This is in no way a food supplement. It can definitely decrease the effectivity of several medications. Always consult doctor when using this product.

*Senna tea Senna tea is a natural laxative which has been long used in herbal medicine. It can be used as natural constipation remedies by taking a cup of tea when constipation is severe.Yet, it has purgative properties and should not be taken by people with heart problems and hypertension. Preferably, senna tea can be used once or twice a week.

Natural constipation remedies makes people more relaxed by ridding constipation. They don’t cost that much and mild to use unlike artificial laxatives. If you’re not getting any better after these remedies, visit a doctor.