Constipation relief for expectant mothers.

Expecting a newborn can be one of the greatest things in a woman’s life. It is only a matter of months before a woman would be able to carry her child in her arms. In addition to being an exciting experience, pregnancy also comes with its downsides. Due to the bodily changes that occur, women suffer from back aches, cramps, nausea and even constipation. Constipation may sound weird but in reality there are many women who suffer from it. In 2005 YouGov held a survey that revealed startling information; one of the top three health problems experienced by expectant mothers is constipation. This information is expected though because of the changes in the body. An expectant mother changes her habits and dietary intake during pregnancy. Unfortunately, due to their condition an expectant mother cannot take laxatives as they can be harmful. On a good note, this article will teach you how to recover with the following constipation relief. The following will give you insight for to your recovery:

Fiber and constipation relief

You could help your digestive system during this time of excitement. Constipation that involves diarrhea needs to be treated with fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables to help your waste harden into lumps. Another way to help relieve constipation is to replace three large meals a day with many small meals a day.

Constipation relief- drink fluids

If your wastes are too thick or hard your constipation can be treated by taking in fluids. You should drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day to help relieve the constipation. You can also drink other forms of liquid for hydration but water works the best for constipation.

Constipation relief-exercise

Though moving may feel troublesome for you, exercise is an important solution to constipation. For a safe recovery, light exercises such as yoga and walking should be practiced. 20-30 minutes of such work-outs will provide you with a healthier body and treat your constipation as well.

Antenatal supplements for constipation relief

Consult your doctor about which supplements can be effected by constipation relief. There are some antenatal supplements that can treat your constipation and there are others that should be avoided.You should drink the recommended amount of liquids if you are taking iron supplements.