Baby Constipation Blues: Guide For New Moms

Normally, new mothers encounter baby constipation problems. Babies suffer miserably when they are constipated, symptoms such as straining when passing stool and bloated tummy can be unnerving for a new mom . Usually, there is too much effort exerted when baby constipation happens because the stool is hard to eliminate. To further avoid these inconvenient situations for your baby, it is best to understand how babies get constipated. Infants are fed with milk ( either by breast-feeding or bottle-feeding ) after being born. Even at this stage, incidence of baby constipation happens because according to some studies, bottle-feeding can induce constipation in infants. It is also possible that the baby is already lactose intolerant from the start. In some situations, the baby is already lactose-intolerant from the very beginning. Hence,breast-feeding is more preferable than bottle-feeding to avoid baby constipation problems.

As the baby grows, the diet also changes especially when solid food is already introduced. When the baby’s digestive system begins processing solid food, it is very likely for the child to become constipated due to the changes. Moreover, certain food groups can lead to baby constipation, among them : excessive dairy products, low fiber food, bananas, applesauce, pasta, cereals and even potatoes.

Avoid giving the baby starchy food which can also cause bloating and stomach cramps.Try to dilute apple or prune juice with water for better absorption. The baby can drink this twice a day. Baby constipation can also be addressed prunes because it contains high amount of fiber that can boost the efficiency of digestion.

Tummy massage can greatly help in baby constipation. This is as simple as rubbing the baby’s tummy in a circular motion. The massage can be done after giving the baby a warm bath. Giving the baby a warm bath can relax the body for easier elimination of waste according to some doctors. A little exercise such as walking can be helpful to get the baby’s system moving.

Mothers should always keep watch of the baby’s diet in order to avoid incidents of baby constipation. Additionally, searching online about constipation remedies and relief can better equip new mothers to handle the situation. Finally, when constipation symptoms becomes frequent, have your baby checked by a doctor.