A brief overview of various causes of constipation in women

Constipation is more prevalent in women than men, as claimed by various medical studies conducted. In 1990, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey was conducted that firmly supports these claim. Remarkably, the study showed that females were twice as constipated than males in the general population. Also, the study revealed that as women grew older, the incidence of constipation doubled. Indeed, the research asserts that females sufffer from constipation than their male counterparts. Likewise, high incidence of constipation is not only applicable to gender but age as well. This write-up provides an overview of possible causes of constipation in women.

Aside from older women, pregnant women also expereince constipation. During pregnancy, certain biological changes rapidly occurs at a woman’s body which can cause discomfort. Secretion of excess progesterone is expected during pregnancy, which can be cited as one of the causes of constipation in women.The woman’s body is assisted by the secretion of these hormones during pregnancy. Progesterone can stop the body from producing milk until the woman has given birth. Unfortunately, progesterone also slows down the digestive system which causes constipation in women. One of the most practical solutions to this problem is adding more fiber in the diet by eating more fruits and vegetables. When women are pregnant, they can develop weak pelvic floor muscles; thus, making this as one of the causes of constipation in women. As the baby grows, the abdomen feels pressure from the weight. Additionally, a large percentage of women who deliver normally can suffer from weak pelvic floor muscles.

Stress is also one of the psychological causes of constipation in women. Mothers who have just given birth go through post-partum depression, which is a stressful phase. On the flip side,working mothers who need to balance their career and home life also get stressed. Surely, this situation can lead to constipation. Nonetheless,individuals must realize that bad habits can also result to constipation in women. This includes a sedentary lifestyle and simply not drinking enough water. Too much consumption of sugar can cause constipation for both men and women alike. Truly, people should try to balance their life and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Balanced diet, good stress management and regular exercise can solve most health conditions in this world more than any medicine .