What’s In Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Medication?

What do we know about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medication that is recommended by physicians for children of parents to help keep their sanity? Not much is the answer. The main ingredient in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medication is amphetamine, which we know very well, is a upper or a stimulant, so the concept totally contradicts what we are wanting to achieve. With the addition of other chemicals this neurological issue can be halfway a stimulant and the other half a downer, which is the one, most parents are looking for.
Emotional Roundabout
Unfortunately with most people, majority males, who suffer from add, depression and anxiety including mood swings, having high and low moments seems common, so there we can understand why these ingredients have been added in the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medication, just as with bipolar medication both highs and lows are treated in one medication.
Wits End For Parents And Teachers
Some parents, who are at their wits end, could possibly just feel like they want to put their child on a treadmill, like a hamster on a wheel so it can get exhausted, and finally go to sleep. A magic tranquility pill is what is needed some days for some parents or teachers who have to deal with busy body children who just don’t want to listen due to their short attention span, who stay up later than usual during the week who therefore also daydream more than usual in class, disrupt the class and never seem to complete tasks on time. For some parents bed-wetting is also a part of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and the attention deficit hyperactivity medication can put a stop to this, if not there could be the underlying problem of constant anxiety, which is also common. If soothing your child about their anxieties does not work in conjunction with the attention deficit hyperactivity medication your child may have a urinal problem for which other treatment needs to be sought.
Misconceptions About Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Medication Understood!
For those who don’t quite understand attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which is one and the same thing. What it actually is, is a slight brain malfunction as the messages don’t always seem to get across where they need to be.  As the person gets older the situation, is brought more under control with education and guidance, but yet cannot be cured. With these life-skill tools a healthy, prosperous and fruitful life can be lived without medication but with a healthy wholesome diet.