Understanding Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms in Children

ADHD is the acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which is more apparent in childhood, and there are various symptoms leading to different kinds of behavior. Attention deficit disorder symptoms in children are more common in boys as compared to girls, and can be classified in three areas, namely hyperactivity, inattention and impulsive behavior.

It has been said that these symptoms go away as we approach youth, but researchers say that attention deficit disorder teen symptoms are carried forward by young teenagers into adulthood, affecting their social and personal life.

Common Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms in Children

Researches have still not confirmed the cause of such disorder, but the formation of brain cells at birth or genetics are some of the initial causes. It is advisable to classify attention deficit disorder symptoms in children over different sittings such as their behavior at school and home, which could provide conclusive evidence whether a child is suffering from ADHD.

Some of the common attention deficit disorder symptoms in children are related to physical and analytical capabilities, which are as follows:

While playing or doing a particular task, the child fails to show interest and is constantly distracted.

The child daydreams and does not respond to anyone when they are spoken to.

Child is unable to complete the assigned task and is not able to follow the given instructions.

Organization and planning skills are poor and the child fails to give attention to minor details in doing some of the task, resulting in lots of mistakes.

Tendency to lose essential items such as books, pen, toys which are required to complete certain activity.

Some of the other attention deficit disorder symptoms in children are absentminded in daily activities and easy distraction by external stimuli. The child can also be seen fidgeting around with his body parts in the classroom or home.

The other symptom is excessive talking or being restlessness and not quietly engaging in activities. The child also feels urge to interrupt when someone else is talking or answering before the question is completed.

Different symptoms of ADHD appear at different stages in life. Generally it is seen that child above 5 years of age have noticeable symptoms, which can peak when he reaches 7 to 8 years. The other symptoms related to inattention can be seen around 9 to 10 years of age, and these can last for lifelong.

With the current advances in research, there are medications available to treat attention deficit disorder symptoms in children that can improve overall development of the child. Most often, it is difficult to diagnose this disorder, and most of the children are not able to get the timely treatment. If your child shows any symptoms of ADHD, consult the pediatrician.