Types of Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder in Children

There are attention deficit disorder treatments for adults and for children. When a person has been diagnosed as having ADD, then he will need to start to explore what type of treatment option is best for him to use. When it is a child, then the parents have to explore with the physician what the best treatment for attention deficit disorder might be best for their child. Child attention deficit disorder treatment will usually use a combination of medication, coping skills and special education plans to help the child be successful in the school setting. Treatment for attention deficit disorder in children has changed a lot through the years, since in the past it was either ignored as a disorder, or it was treated with the only drug on the market at the time for the disorder which had strong side effects with its use.

Behavior Vs. Treatment for attention deficit disorder in children

Getting a special education plan for a part of the treatment for attention deficit disorder in children is one of the first steps that parents will often take after the diagnosis has been made. The teachers are usually aware by this time that the child was being tested since they will have had to fill out some questionnaires about the child’s behavior in their class rooms. A special education plan is usually fairly simple, laying out the different strategies that the teachers will utilize to help the child to be successful. Often this treatment for attention deficit disorder in children will involve certain seating arrangements to help eliminate distractions, creating a ‘buddy’ system with another student in the class so that the child can remember to write down assignments and other important things. The teacher will also use other strategies to refocus the child when he is daydreaming or will allow times when the child can move around without getting in trouble or distracting other students.

Another treatment for attention deficit disorder in children is examining the underlying causes for the disorder. Sometimes there are allergies that can affect the child in ways that cause the ADD. If the allergies are treated, often the symptoms will disappear or lessen as well. There are also behavioral treatments for attention deficit disorder in children such as vision therapy. Vision therapy helps children learn to focus on, track and then change focus on objects that are varying distances away from them. This enables them to focus more on their reading and writing as well as being able to change focus to the teacher when required.