Identifying a Problem: Attention Deficit Disorder Causes and Symptoms

Attention deficit disorder, also known as ADD or ADHD, is a problem most commonly associated with children. However, it is not unusual for teens and adults to be diagnosed and treated for this disorder as well. While attention deficit disorder is not a life threatening condition, it can be very frustrating for a person who is diagnosed with the disorder. This article will cover the basics of attention deficit disorder causes and symptoms to help patients gain a better understanding of how to identify and deal with the disorder.

Attention Deficit Disorder Causes and Symptoms


Attention deficit disorder causes and symptoms fall into a fairly broad category, which can make them difficult to identify in some people. It is important to understand both attention deficit causes and symptoms, because this can help doctors to know why it occurs and how to diagnose the disorder accurately. There have been many theories as to the causes of ADD, but many have been discarded as researchers learn more about the disorder. What they do know is that ADD is caused by biological processes in the brain that affect the way people pay attention and the brain’s level of activity.

This is good news for parents who worry that something in the home environment led to attention deficit disorder causes and symptoms. To date, no evidence has shown that environment plays much of a role in diagnosing ADD. This means parents can stop worrying that they did something to contribute to the condition and start working on ways to identify and treat the disorder effectively. This step begins with an understanding of basic attention deficit disorder symptoms.


There are a number of attention deficit disorder causes and symptoms that must be explored to get an accurate diagnosis of this disorder. Most people with ADD have trouble staying on task and finishing jobs and assignments. They may not be able to follow directions accurately because they have trouble focusing on the details of jobs and assignments. People suffering from ADD may shift from one project to another without completing any of them. They may also be characterized by disorganization and forgetfulness.

If you or someone in your family is suffering from any of these symptoms, they may be affecting life in many negative ways. The best approach is to talk to a doctor about attention deficit disorder causes and symptoms to see if you can get a definitive diagnosis and an effective treatment plan.