A Guide To Attention Deficit Disorder Signs And Symptoms

Attention deficit disorder is characterized by three major features that include hyperactivity, poor attention skills and deficient impulse control. Any two of these suffice for ADD diagnosis. Frustrating non-presence of mind is the hallmark of attention deficit syndrome, and people suffering with ADD normally have a feeling of restlessness and desperation.

Various Attention Deficit Disorder Signs And Symptoms

A very common attention deficit disorder sign and symptom is the people sudden realization that they have not heard anything they were listening to, remember nothing they were trying to learn, or saw nothing of what they were seeing. They misplace things, miss directions and information, and sometimes struggles to stay abreast of conversations. There is generally a sense of being away from the reality, and disembodied separation from being physically present.

Being absent minded causes short-term attention spans, and distractibility, except around activities of motivation and high interest. And this fosters chaos.

A rare attention deficit disorder sign and symptom is the extraordinary mechanical skill, and person suffering from this disorder is able to disassemble and assemble the complex object and pieces of machinery very quickly and efficiently. Many suffer from coordination difficulties where feet are stepped on, things are dropped, and balls fly in the wrong directions. While asking for direction, the person loses the track after one or two sentences. People suffering from ADD are ashamed to admit their lack of comprehension, and know that asking for clarifications would be futile, so they master the art of showing confidence.

Distraction is another common attention deficit disorder sign and symptom, but is not consistent. For person suffering from ADD, focusing requires much higher level of motivation as compare to other people. ADD is situational, and vary greatly as per the circumstances for the same person. The same person or child may perform extremely well in certain classes, but is disruptive, scattered and unproductive in others.

Another attention deficit disorder sign and symptom is impulsiveness of deed or word, along with badly-controlled emotional reactivity. The person keeps interrupting others and waiting for the turn might feel like a torture. The person suffering from ADD will often speak or act impulsively, and the consequences are negative.

Hyperactivity is another attention deficit disorder sign and symptom, and the person might find it impossible to keep physically still. Some fidgeting might be apparent such as pumping thighs, tapping fingers, chewing nails, biting teeth and so on. There may also be excessive talking for some. Restlessness with long periods of procrastination is also an attention deficit disorder sign and symptom, and promise of reward or threat of failure must be immediate.

Attention deficit disorder symptoms in children are largely similar to those in adults, but it is easier to diagnose, and children suffering from this disorder usually act the part of class clown.